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Solar power system

Solar power system Solar power system Solar power system
Product name : Solar power system
Item : RS-BX0001
Details :

1 Handiness, portable, waterproof structural design
2 Environmental protection and energy saving, Exquisite designs,
Product materials adopt national environmental standard of ultra thin complex
plastic materials.
3 Apply to outdoor traveling, family,subrubs, island, Border Post,fishing boat and
so on, as using no power or need power area.
4 With LCD intelligent display system using status, indicate battery capacity,
charging status, fault indicate, and indicate whether AC output or DC output
on status.
5 Adopt intelligent control, with short circuit, overload and unique prevent reverse
connect protection, when full charge or over discharging will automatic cutoff and
recovery protection function.
6.Multifunction charging ways, It can using the panel of system to charge directly,
electricity AC240V charging or external connecting DC12V to 24V voltage to charge
7.The system can load various of voltage of the small power home appliances or
electronic products, with AC240V or DC 12V 5V voltage. As low power TV, energy
saving lamp, fan, laptop, MP3, MP4,cell phone, digital camera and so on.

Solar panel: mono silicon 20W18V
Inverter: pure sine wave 150W 240V
Battery: Li polymer battery 12V16AH
Controller: 12V8A
Lighting design: 3W LED lighting and SOS function
Interface: one for 240V output,three for DC12V 8A max output,including light socket 2pcs
and cigar Lighter 1pcs,two for USB 5V 2A max output, one for DC12V to 24V 4A
max input and one AC electricity charging 3.2A max input.
Solar charging time: about 16 hours
Electricity charging time: about 6 hours.
Accessory: AC adapter 1pcs
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