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Portable Solar power system

Portable Solar power system Portable Solar power system
Product name : Portable Solar power system
Item : RS20KW
Details :
This solar power system can be used for lamps, TV, electric kettle, Fan, cooker and other small devices (Maximum power is 2000W) at home, pasture area, camping sites, barracks, sentry boxes, outdoor activities and so on. Customized specification and style are available.
Standard Product composition=solar panels+power box+cable connection. 
The options:LED lights+LCD TV+Electic Kettle
Two types of output, a USB charging output interface and 2 Universal AC output
Simple, convenient to carry and easy to operate,etc.
The comtroller of our own patent is designed for our special solar power box.
Anti-overcharge,anti-discharge,anti-overload and short circuit resistance.
Best light angle and adjustable brackets improve the power production.
The Frame of power box is coated with special rustproof anti-corrosion multiprocessing to ensure the longer lifespan.
Power plan
To the raft, for example, the average daily electricity consumption plan is as follows:
(TV 30w*8h) + (light 5w*3*6h) + (Fan 40W*5h) + (Kettle 800W*0.8h) =1170Wh
Technical datas:
Peak power:290W(145W*2)
Peak Voltage:37.4V
Peak current: 7.76A.
Open circuit voltage: 45.2V 
Unfolded Size: 1486mm*680mm*37mm
Specification of other:
AC output: 220V/50HZ, Maximum output power is 2000W.
Battery type: Rechargeable Lead-acid battery
Battery capacity;24V/100AH
Inverter: Modified. Sine Wave
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