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Solar Charger

Solar Charger Solar Charger
Product name : Solar Charger
Item : P2600
Details :

The solar charger is a photoelectric conversion device which can converte light into electricity.
The principle of P2600 solar charger is: convert light energy into electrical energy by using the photoelectric conversion panels and stored in the built-in capacity of 2600mAh lithium battery,and then connect the built-in lithium battery to I-phone, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3,, MP4 and digital products by a control circuit, also can approve the mains (AC100V-240V) recharging when long time without sunshine, much popular for the standby power for travel, tourism, long-distance travel etc.


Solar Power 0.4W/Amorphous silicon

Input voltageAC100V-240V

Output voltage DC  5.5V

Maximum output currentDC800mA

Built-in battery Polymer lithium ion battery 2600mA/h

Weight 135g

Size 120×73×10mm

ColorRed Blue Black Silver Golden

Applicable device
Iphone, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3,, MP4 and digital products. Connection with a rechargeable solar charger and cell phone or digital camera, MP3, MP4 and so on digital products,then can be charged, the charging indicator will lights red.

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