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Solar Charger

Solar Charger Solar Charger
Product name : Solar Charger
Item : P6000T
Details :

Large capacity, mango shape shell, intelligent, fine grade for Iphone4/4s, Ipad2, mobile phones, MP3/MP4, digital camera, PSP and other mobile digital products’ standby power.

With intelligent control circuitry to protect short circuit, overcharge, over discharge and over-current, ensure that the charging of your product will not be any harm, and with it let you travel worry-free; products in order to adapt the interface to unified specifications of digital products to use the USB2 .0 output ports, general-purpose appliances

Performance parameters:  

Battery capacity
Polymer lithium ion battery 5000mA/h

Solar power 0.7W/ Polysilicon


Output voltageDC5V

Input current DC500mA

Output current  DC5.2V

Output currentDC1500mA

Measurement 130×78×15mm

Weight 200g

ColorBlackredblue silver

 Applicable device

 After press the button, 4 LED lights on, battery power 100%; 3 LED lights on at the same time, battery power 75%, 2 LED lights on, battery 50%, 1 LED light on, battery power 25%;0 LED lights, battery power is about to run out, should catch up on power soon.

1.Mobile power recharging: the power adapter connected by cable and mobile power, access to electricity power to be charged. LED light will be flashing while charging, indicating that the internal battery is fully charged when four LED lights shining at the same time, then stop charging (charging time about 6.5 hours).

2.Recharging mobile phones and other digital devices: (as long as any digital device with a 5V adapter can use the mobile power charging) connecting the cable with cell phone or other digital devices, then can be charged, the charging indicator shows normal charging or not.

This product with input and output protection, which is good for your electrical, standby micro-power consumption.

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